• Nicole Hanks

{Visiting Jaden in Utah}

Jaden has been in school in a very small town in Utah since January. We finally got to go visit for the weekend and it was so great to spend some time together. It was also the weekend of JD's birthday and a few days before Jaden's 15th birthday. So, that made it even more special.

The drive wasn't too bad. It's about three hours away from Salt Lake City. So in all, about a nine hour drive for us. It was an easy drive, just long. Cooper is a great traveler, thankfully. I just don't do well with long car rides in the middle of nowhere. The area is gorgeous, though Lots of land and very few people for many miles.

We picked Jaden up and explored the (very, very small) town. It didn't take us long! We grabbed lunch at the local diner and then took a tour of the ranch. We sat and talked for a few hours before heading back to our hotel, for the night, then headed back to the ranch the next morning.

It's tough having our son living out of town at such a young age, but we know that it's the best place for him right now. He's learning the necessary tools to better his life and in a place that is equipped to handle his needs. We're looking forward to our next visit, but I think next time, we're flying!

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