In 2010, we were blessed to have been chosen to be Jaden's parents. Our "meetcha day"(the day we met in-person for the first time) was May 4, 2010. We flew to his hometown and met at McDonald's for our first visit. After a very awkward meeting (I mean, how do you prepare to meet your son for the first time at almost 6 years old in a McDonald's?!) we asked him what he wanted to do. We thought he would say "play at the park" or "get ice cream", but instead, he asked if we could go to Walmart so he could "push a cart". It was an odd request, but we did it! He enjoyed himself and JD and I kept whispering to each other, "he's our son!"

Jaden's Story

We flew back home and talked everyday until our next visit. It was hard for all of us to be apart, but we made the most of it. We visited again a few weeks later, and were surprised to find out that we would get to take him home! On his 6th birthday, we flew home to Charleston, SC where we started our life as a family of three. 

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